Safety Nettings

(Product code: UTN100)

Barrier Fencing has been developed mainly avoiding accident while men at work at site for warning and signaling of obstacles, road work, building sites, use for crowd control, notification of hazards, temporary barricades for event management etc.

Note : Available in Orange, Yellow, Blue, Green & Black colors. We can also supply different length and width of our netting products.

Technical Specifications:

Size Grade
 1m x 50m  0.60g/m2
 1m x 50m  0.80g/m2
 1m x 50m  100g/m2
 1m x 50m  110g/m2
 1m x 50m  120g/m2
 1m x 50m  140g/m2
 1m x 50m  160g/m2
 1m x 50m  200g/m2
 1m x 50m  280g/m2
 1m x 50m  320g/m2
 1m x 50m  400g/m2

Insect screen mesh

(Product code: UTN200)

Insect Mesh is a high quality extruded Polypropylene plastic fine screening mesh, with fine mesh structure offering effective protection from the smallest of insect and debris.

The mesh provides excellent light transmission and allows good air flow.

The fine screening mesh is rigid, so that it can be installed in panels and used as insect netting in both temporary and permanent application.

Insect mesh can be used as a fencing or as part of an industrial application to keep insects and mosquitoes out (cladding, eaves, double glazing windows and conservatory construction)

Technical Specification:

  • Length 20mtr
  • Width 1.20mtr
  • Weight 200-230gsm
  • Aperture Size 2x2mm
  • Aperture Square


  • Ideal as an insect mesh
  • Manufactured High Density Polypropylene
  • UV Stabilized and rot resistant
  • Chemical resistant