PE-Foam Carpet Underlay

(Product code: BUC200)

It is high quality foam underlay, which is being used widely for homes, commercial areas, mosques, football arenas, and schools.


  • It Extends the life of the carpet
  • It Stops heat-cold transfer from the floor to the carpet
  • It provides a silent step to reduce noise transfer in multi-layered buildings
  • It provides comfort to the feet
  • It doesn’t absorb water
  • It doesn’t need wooden grippers at the room’s floor angels
  • It doesn’t need glue tape under the carpet
  • It works with all kinds of glue

Technical Specifications:

Description | Test Result
Composition| Bonded Polyethylene Foam
Thickness | 8mm-10mm-12mm-15mm-20mm
Density | 0.04g/cm3
Chemical resistant | Excellent
Water absorption | 0.37mg/cm2 .24hr
Permanent compression| 9% for 100kgf/cm2
Moisture permeability| Almost nil
Weight | 15-23 kg/roll