About us

Today we are surrounded by products made out by plastic and it’s hard to imagine a world without plastic manufacturers.
But how did it all begin and when was the birth of plastic? In 1862 the first man made plastic was displayed at an exhibition in London.
The material used to make the first plastic was cellulose. This material could be molded and would retain its shape once it was cooled.
In 1991, Al Joaib Plastic Factory (JPF), the first and one of the biggest Air Bubble Film producers in the Middle East was established. The company enters in the entire GCC market, Middle East Asia and African countries and neighboring states, thanks to the support of our valued customers and the high quality of the products. JPF is a member of Khalifa Salem Al Joaib Investment Company registered under the Chamber of Commerce and Industry to manufacture and market quality Plastic products. In 2005 the company added in its manufacturing activities a high tech product branded as (Bubble Cool) a Thermo Reflective Insulation product for hot and cold climate. Bubble Cool products were tested and certified at Institute Giordano in Italy, KFUPM in Dhahran Saudi Arabia. Al Joaib Plastic Factory (JPF) was known as a manufacturer of Safety Netting by adapting a European Technology by the support of the Technical Expertise from our well known Machine Manufacturer. Thus that makes possible to JPF to be as one of the most innovative netting companies in the Middle East. Recently in 2008 another versatile product the Polyethylene (PE) Foam was launched by JPF with its excellent features for packing, insulation, and this product is recyclable and environmental friendly. At the same time keeping in view market’s demand JPF started another production line and introduced new products called PE- Foam Thermal Insulation, PE- Foam Carpet & Parquet Underlay, PE- Foam Protection Layer, PE- Foam Back-up Rod, and PE-Foam Packing. We are registered Vendor of the well-known organizations such as Saudi Aramco and SABIC. We develop and implement a Quality Management System in order to document the company’s business practices.
We from, Al Joaib Plastic Factory (JPF), always pay close attention to the needs of the customer. Customer’s requirements are the first and foremost priority in our business.